Automatic X-ray bone detection systems will secure high-quality standards that grow together with raising salmon market demands & customer preferences.

revolutionary X-ray System: Patent pending Fish bone detection algorithm

Our system is the first X-ray system in the world tailored to the unique needs of the salmon industry.

High Detection Rate

Based on a unique image resolution of 0.1 mm x 0.1 mm, our X-ray system can detect thin and small bones in fish.


Low false positives rate

Our high-resolution X-ray detectors combined with our innovative software algorithm guarantee a high and reliable bone detection rate, without rejecting good products from the line.

Extensive X-ray Experience

Strong know-how rooted in over 20 years of X-ray technology expertise.

Low cost of ownership

Robust design, top-class components with high proven durability.

X-ray technology leader

Constant focus on technology development and future-proofing our solutions to the changing needs of the food industry.