Innospexion today

The majority of Innospexion is today owned by a capital-strong investment company, HM Investment Group.

HM Investment Group has a strong focus on creating successful and sustainable growth for all the portfolio companies.

History of Innospexion

Our strong know-how is rooted in over 20 years of X-ray technology expertise. We are technology leaders in X-ray bone detection performance in both fish and poultry products. Our X-ray systems are state-of-the-art technology. Our ambition is to become a long-term partner in our journey of exceeding consumer expectations as part of a strong brand and a solid food quality assurance policy.

Technology leader

Innospexion is based on two strong values: one, that food safety standards are non-negotiable and it is our duty to comply with them. Second, a constant ambition to ensure the best food quality and safety, and guarantee the superiority of the perceived quality in order to exceed consumers’ expectations.


We believe in open and transparent communication with our partners and our customers.


There will be no surprises or hidden fees with us. Full transparency is guaranteed throughout the sales and service process, from the first mail until the latest call.


Our strong X-ray expertise allows us to have a consultancy–type approach in our dialogue with customers when assessing the feasibility of a project.


Innospexion X-ray systems are easily integrable into both pre-existing and newly built processing lines. Both hardware and software can be placed in a production line with various equipment from different suppliers. We do not operate with a closed ecosystem and our systems are compatible with different factory management systems.

Our two standard systems can be adapted in case of minimal fit-in necessary changes.