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Technology leader in X-ray bone detection systems

Salmon & Trout • White fish • Poultry
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X-ray Technology Experts


Over 20 years of experience with a large spectrum of X-ray applications

Revolutionary bone detection systems created for the unique needs of the salmon, fish & poultry industry.
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Our X-ray technology is trully unique

We produce the most sensitive X-ray systems tailored towards food safety & quality control inspection.

We specialize in bone detection and securing that products marketed as bone-free fulfill the quality criteria. 


The systems feature a unique long-wavelength X-ray technology developed by Innospexion. This technology provides images of a very superior quality compared to other X-ray imaging systems and this is the key reason why we can detect and quantify details that are invisible to other X-ray suppliers. 

There's A Better Way To Boost Product Quality, Increase Yield And Minimize Waste In Your Processing Line

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After 20+ years of applying X-ray technology to various industries, three years ago Innospexion has shifted strategy is now exclusively servicing the food industry. Our advanced X-ray systems have been created for optimal performance in poultry, fish and most recently, salmon processing plants. 

pin bone detection
in salmon & trout

Our X-ray imaging systems are used in fish factories for automatic detection of pin bones (e.g. Salmon), for bone detection in trimmed fillets, and for bone detection in bits and pieces used for e.g. fish blocks.

Bone detection
in white fish

Tailored software application for cod, pollock, hake and other types of white fish. The system handles different cuts such as fillet, loins, tails, portions & smaller pieces, while products can be fresh or frozen. 

Bone detection
in poultry Meat

High-performant detection software with pre-designed recipes for deboned breast fillet, deboned leg meat, deboned thigh & nuggets. 

Advanced X-ray inspection systems

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