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Technology leader in the X-ray bone detection market

Salmon & Trout • White fish • Poultry
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X-ray Technology Experts


Over 20 years of experience with a large spectrum of X-ray applications

Revolutionary bone detection systems created for the unique needs of the salmon, fish & poultry industry.
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Our X-ray technology is truly unique

We produce the most sensitive X-ray systems tailored towards food safety & quality control inspection.

We specialize in bone detection and securing that products marketed as bone-free fulfill the quality criteria. 


The systems feature a unique long-wavelength X-ray technology developed by Innospexion. This technology provides images of a superior quality compared to other X-ray imaging systems. This is the key reason why we can detect and quantify details that are invisible to other X-ray suppliers. 

There's A Better Way To Boost Product Quality, Increase Yield And Minimize Waste In Your Processing Line

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After 20+ years of applying X-ray technology to various industries, three years ago Innospexion shifted its strategy and is now exclusively servicing the food industry. Our advanced X-ray systems have been created for optimal performance in poultry, fish, and most recently, salmon processing plants. 

Advanced X-ray inspection systems

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